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Youtube Like, Dislike Bot 2013

Vandallism Youtube Like,Dislike Bot

extremer 300x192 Youtube Like, Dislike Bot 2013

Welcome to free youtube bot. Many of you looking for free youtube like, dislike, subscriber bot etc. Now here i am going to share a cracked youtube bot named Vandallism which is very famous and has amazing feature. Vandallism is one of the best bot out there for like, dislike and many other feature. It is some what like youbooster pro edition but with better speed.


Some Important Feature of Vandallism :

slika2h Youtube Like, Dislike Bot 2013

[?] Log-in HWID System

[?] Anti-Captcha

[?] Ability to add/delete custom accounts

[?] Auto Skip accounts with incorrect passwords or need Account Verification

[?] Subscribe

[?] Comment

[?] Like

[/size][?] Dislike

[?] Simple GUI

[?] EXTREMLY fast

[?] Automatically detects if already subscribed

[?] Account Checker – Check if accounts are working/not working, and export them.* HOT *

[?] Log system.

[?] Comment farmer! Get all the comments from a video and export them. * HOT *

[?] Mass Flagger – Remove any video you want.* HOT *

[?] Updater

[?] Mass password change

[?] Mass Subscriber

[?] Mass Friend requester ( USE KEYWORDS to find hundreds of users, and then add them as friend! ) *NEW!!

[?] Mass Messages sender ( add users or scrap them, and send them messages! Great for spreading and increasing popularity of video! ) *NEW!!

[?] Comment Rater -* HOT *

Screen shot of Vandallism:

extremer Youtube Like, Dislike Bot 2013

Download Vandallism Youtube Bot Download Youtube Like, Dislike Bot 2013

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