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WiFi Hacker

Looking for a tool with which you will have a completely free Internet, without any payment? Wifi hack tool for you shakuje any wifi network and it’s completely free. Just
that you are within wifi network, and the rest is done for you our tool
that uses sophisticated algorithms to human security such as WPA, WPA 2
Wifi hack at the beginning of checks to see if there are any wifi network, responsible for the wifi scanner. Then all found networks are analyzed in terms of security, hack checks that are WPA or WPA2. Then, on the basis of security products chooses the appropriate algorithm to decode the password. At the moment wifi hacker tem supports 10 algorithms responsible for human security, which is why it is so effective. Our
team makes sure that you were satisfied with the program, and therefore
often provide free updates that will further enhance the effectiveness
of wifi hacker.
The program issued the license that is allocated for each user, this is done to prevent the copy of the program.
Advantages of Wi-Fi hacker v 3.0:

  • Free Internet
  • Fast wifi network hacking
  • Supports 10 complex algorithms
  • Supports WEP, WPA, WPA2
  • Support for proxy servers
  • Quick scan wifi network
wifihacker2013 WiFi Hacker


User manual wifi hacker:

  • The program requires activation, so grab the program and go to the tab activate hack to activate the tool
  • When activated, go to the main tab
  • Click the scan button wifi and wait until the program jumps all network
  • To ensure their anonymity proxy tab, go to options and then grab the new proxy
  • Go back to the main tab
  • Select the use of proxies
  • Click-click on the network you want to hack
  • Click the button get password
  • Depending on network security are waiting from a few to several minutes for the password to the network. 


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 How to hack WiFi

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