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Starbound Beta Free Download

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You can download Starbound Beta Free Download here. It is still under development, but it’s playable and gives a lot of fun. The game’s almost finished, there’s nothing that could hinder playing. New features still ahead. The author is working hard, so we can only expect better (and more) things coming.

Starbound Beta free download for Windows, Mac and Linux is availabe on the 4th December 2013.

Over the past few days we’ve done a lot more of the same beta-prep stuff– monsters are being balanced and NPC behaviors added, and swords have been rebalanced as well. I’ve been adding objects that are meant for a dungeon, and Armagon has populated the Glitch castle dungeon with everything from guards to lancers to humble servants. And more NPC dialogue has been added! Woo.

Starbound is a sandbox 2D side-scrolling role-playing game developed by Chucklefish Games for  Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. It will feature near-infinite possibilities, including randomly generated worlds and sandbox building. The game will feature multiplayer and allow the sharing of randomly generated worlds by coordinates.

Your home planet is under attack! With no direction you leave in an escape pod. You touch down on a habitable planet, this is where you begin. The choice is yours what you do next, explore this foreign planet, explore the galaxy, find a new home, make planets more habitable, and more!

Starbound Beta Free Download

Download Starbound Beta Below:

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