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MovieStarPlanet Game Hack Cheat Tool

MovieStarPlanet Game Hack Tool Program Download (Fame, StarCoins, Diamonds)

Status: Working

Hello World! We know, that the most of people regulary plays social games. Internet became very popular these days, so PredatorHacks team is on the right place to help you gaining better results in your gaming! Today, we’ve got the hack for a game made especially for teens or young girls. Are there any? icon wink MovieStarPlanet Game Hack Cheat Tool

In MovieStarPlanet you are wannabe-moviestar, so your goal is to became more popular and rich. Rules are very simple and everything is clear. It’s very popular in countries like Poland, but game was translated to 10 different langagues.

To achieve good results in game you need VIP account. But… Why do you need to lose your cash? Here is the simple way to became a legendary moviestar!

MovieStarPlanet Hack

r2owf81 MovieStarPlanet Game Hack Cheat Tool

If you don’t believe us, here’s the proof…

mpproof MovieStarPlanet Game Hack Cheat Tool

Check out the awesome features of our crack!

  • Auto-updater. It’s automatically connecting with the database and downloading the update.
  • StarCoins– You can generate an unlimited anmount of money just a couple of clicks and it will be added to your game account, so you can buy any everything you want!!
  • Fame – Our hack allows you to generate unlimited fame points. Auto levelling-up! So when you are using our hack, just log in again to the game and you’ll that your level has incresead!
  • Diamonds
  • Compatible with all known browsers (Chrome, Firefox Opera, Safari. Internet Explorer etc.)
  • Package with the hack contains PC, Mac and Linux versions! We are trying to make an android one.
  • Stable, it won’t crash without any reason. You can uswe it for a long time.
  • Safety – Our hack has an anti-ban utility. Hack’s undetectable by the game program or any admin of the site. Any features that you add will be displayed for him as purchased.
  • You can change the features you want to hack just by single click

Stuffed with so many features MovieStarPlanet Hack Tool is certainly the best available hack for MovieStarPlanet

Now go on and download this hack from one of the links bellow :

downloadbutton MovieStarPlanet Game Hack Cheat Tool


1.Download and run the generator
2. Type In your login information, click “login” then “Update Info”.

3. Choose The anmount of StarCoins, Fame and Diamonds which you want and click hack it. (it’s stupid but when you decide to generate a couple of these features, anmount must be the same for all)

3.Click the Hack It button and wait few seconds

4.If all was correct, you will get what you requested


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3 Responsesto “MovieStarPlanet Game Hack Cheat Tool”

  1. Gayle Noke says:

    Moviestarplanet is really fun, and I just want more money on it.

  2. coins dimonds and vip

  3. Marie S says:

    w00t it worked, thanks so much for making this !


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