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League Of Legends Riot Points Generator 2013

League Of Legends Riot Points Generator 2013

Status: Working

Do You ever played League Of Legends? We think that’s a cery addictive and enjoyable MMO game. Millions of people around the world are thinking the same way as us. By the way, it’s very popular and it’s quite unbelievable, that couple a years ago that tile was practically unkown. Want to improve your gaming? You can buy so many items from the store for FREE. I’m telling you how to do this. Generate Riot Points and buy as much items you can! We made this hack undetectable, so no one will know that you are cheating a lil bit. We were making this generator from an April to December. Many days of compiling the code, breaking the security, and beta testing, done by 40 testers from many countries. Generator is ready to use worldwide, on every server in every country. Enjoy!

League of Legends Riot Points Generator 20121 286x300 League Of Legends Riot Points Generator 2013

League Of Legends Was launched in 2009 and very quickly gained success. So many “hacks” you can find in the Internet are scam. Don’t waste your time downloading it. Sometimes you must send a premium sms. You are losing your money, but benefits won’t come thru. Why? Because many of them are fake. Today, we are presenting to you one of the legit hacks, made by us. It Generates RPs very quickly. Just download it and be a pro! Some of the examples of the things that can be bought with riot points are champions, champion skins, and IP and XP boosts.

First, Enter your LoL account name and number of Riot Points to add. REMEMBER: Enter an anmount of RPs between 620 and 7200. It won’t add you more, so program may crash! We don’t need your password. Generator is connecting to very large LoL account database so wait for a while. Sometimes it takes up to 5 minutes. When the process is finished it gives a message of completion. It may be carefully noted that once you get your riot points do not immediately try for more Riot Points,just wait for few hours or try it the next day ,by doing this you will ensure your account safety.

What Can You Buy With Riot Points?

Champions: Purchase champions to increase your playable champions.
Skins: You can get the skin for your champions
IP & XP Boosts: Increase the amount of experience and Influence Points you gain in every League of Legends game.
Name Change: A summoner name change, change your League of Legends name.
Rune Pages: Buy extra rune pages to give you more rune options.

STEP 1. Download League Of Legends Riot Points Generator 2012 from One Of The Links Below:

1352902680 download button1 League Of Legends Riot Points Generator 2013

STEP 2.After Downloading


1.Download and run the generator
2.Enter your username and amount of RP to add
3.Click the Generate button and wait few seconds
4.If all was correct, you will get Riot Points

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