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Download PSN Cards Generator v3

Also known as, PSN Code Generator
Status: WorkingLast Updated and Working on: 7 august 2012Our Playstation Generator has finally been converted to v3. You can read more about our v3 generators here. You should follow the instructions here as the ones below is outdated.
Added ability to generate multiple lines of Playstation Network codes.
Added ability to save codes to a text file. This feature will help those that generate a lot of codes at once.
Works for all countries!

Added new method to generate free psn cards.
Added security checks to prevent Sony from patching this.
Added fail-safes to make sure all psn codes are redeemable on Playstation Network. In other words, prevent the PSN card codes generator from generating used codes.
Created a new GUI for the generator.
Added automatic updates to the generator.

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survey Claim Free PSN Codes

My business is here to tell you that you’re going to never again have to pay for your psn value again. With our one of a kind PlayStation Network Code Generator it will be easy to choose coming from a $10, $25 and $50 code. People say there is nothing free, and they are correct we are not able to just give these kind of codes out free if we performed our stock will be depleted within just days. So we thought i would make our visitors complete a fast survey before they are able to get their psn value. You may say these surveys are like 10 pages long and never work for everyone, well we have specifically wanted the easiest reviews possible. These surveys contain mobile submits, e-mail submits and zip code submits, these kind of surveys are just one page long. What meaning is that an individual answer a problem like Burger Double or McDonald s and enter your e-mail along with your done. Psn Program code Our codes are bought legitimately by simply our sponsors, they then scratch off the many cards and put the codes inside a text document with regards to the amount of the particular card. Then they send the text documents to us obtain and we put them within our database according to the amount. Every time a person completes a survey they shall be distributed a single code with the amount they chose. Once they include downloaded and redeemed his or her psn code it will be deleted from your database permanently in order that our system doesn t obtain clogged with employed codes and so that you guys don t obtain codes that other people have already redeemed. Psn Code In order to get your psn code their can be a few mandatory steps you must complete before you can access our internet based generator. First you will want to navigate to the homepage and click the blue button. The button requires you to your Psn code Generator where you will have to like our enthusiast page on Zynga, Google + your website or tweet our website using the buttons. Once you have inked that the box will go away and you should have gained use of the generator. You will notice 3 cards while using the amounts of $10, $25 and $50, below that you’re going to see the most common questions we get. Select the card with the quantity you want and click the select button under it. You will again be redirected, this time around to a page filled with 9 of the particular cards you chose. Some will say available and some will say inaccessible, which are the particular cards that aren t however updated with brand-new codes. Choose the card that claims available under it and click it, a box can look and you will have to choose a offer through the list and full it. After you have completed among the offers your code should commence to download and you will x out with the offer you include just completed. If all the codes on the page say inaccessible ever that claims unavailable is updated that has a new code just about every 15 minutes to try to keep at minimum 3 cards in which say available always. If you are having trouble following the written steps i am posting a video sent in by one of our own visitors explaining the way to get a psn value from our website. We are hoping to feature a referral software, so that people who are truly to lazy to perform a 2 second offer can send the connection to their friends and also get a psn code without having to complete a review.

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